Match-Fixing Leads To Italian Tennis Ump’s Seven-Year Suspension

Tennis player checking his racquet strings

Italian tennis legitimate Lorenzo Chiurazzi used to be suspended seven-and-a-half of years for match-fixing-associated offenses. [Image:]

Swift sentencing

Italian nationwide-level tennis chair umpire and line take Lorenzo Chiurazzi has been banned by the Worldwide Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) for seven-and-a-half of years for match-fixing.

a blinding of $50,000, of which $33,500 has been suspended

An announcement launched Friday confirmed Chiurazzi’s suspension, as well to a blinding of $50,000, of which $33,500 has been suspended. The sphere used to be settled under the ITIA’s “Proposal for Disposition,” which enables the body to levy a sentence with no hearing.

The ban will final from the date the bills acquire been imposed, August 12, 2022, except February 11, 2030.

Violations of rules

Chiurazzi’s misconduct got here for the length of a match in 2021 at a match in Perugia, Italy. The match legitimate committed a litany of infractions, at the side of delaying the procure input, purposely uploading the wrong procure, and failing to participate with an investigation and record corruption.

Chiurazzi used to be stumbled on guilty on various bills of violating the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program (TACP), listed under:

  • Part D.1.b, which lists playing offenses that may well maybe result in punishment.
  • Part D.1.m, which handles how the scores must quiet be input in a neatly timed manner and without manipulation.
  • Part D.1.d, which forbids the way of an match. 
  • Part D.2.b.i, which mandates any legitimate tried to be influenced by an unauthorized birthday celebration record the incident.
  • Part F.2.b, which says that each officers must cooperate with investigations.

Chiurazzi admitted to the bills and used to be which signifies that of this truth banned. 

Rising issues with match-fixing

Chiurazzi is now not going to participate in any nationally or internationally-regulated tennis events except his suspension has been served. 

also investigating fellow Italian chair umpire Francesco Totaro, who used to be accused of match-fixing

In the intervening time, the ITIA is also investigating fellow Italian chair umpire Francesco Totaro, who used to be accused of match-fixing in July. Furthermore, three Tunisian officers acquire been suspended for suspected match-fixing the the same week as Totaro.

The ITIA hopes that its strict scrutiny will provide a safer home for the sports actions.

“The ITIA is an self reliant body established by the Worldwide Governing Bodies of Tennis to promote, help, toughen and safeguard the integrity of professional tennis worldwide,” acknowledged an announcement after Totaro’s suspension.

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