Meet Heather Ferris: From Las Vegas Dealer to Online Casino Educator

Meet Heather Ferris, Las Vegas Casino insider. Portrait photograph with casino-themed background.
Meet Heather Ferris: From Las Vegas Dealer to Online Casino Educator

Be a half of us as we detect the dynamic existence of Heather Ferris, a Las Vegas native whose hasten from strange jobs on Fremont Avenue to dealing at the Gold Hover culminated within the creation of Vegas Aces—an on-line trade college revolutionizing casino training.

As casino game educated, Heather creates packages for gamers and sellers and helps inventors declare contemporary video games to the market.

On this queer interview for, Heather shares tales from her time as a dealer, insights into the trade, and her commitment to offering free training to casino followers.

Meet Heather Ferris: Weird and wonderful Interview

Can you half a little bit about your background and the methodology you started working within the casino trade?

I modified into born and raised in Las Vegas right by the 1980s. My grandmother modified into a showgirl, and my grandfather worked at the Stardust when Lefty Rosenthal modified into there.

Rising up, I worked strange jobs, including as a henna artist on Fremont Avenue, a security teacher, and a preschool teacher.

I went to university at UNLV. Then again, I kept altering my major, from art work to instructing to forensic investigator.

My most critical utterly different suggested that I could dealing college and change into a dealer. I by no methodology imagined myself as a casino dealer, but I lastly agreed, taking into account I could perchance presumably pay my methodology by college.

I went to the Las Vegas Dealing College and modified into surprised by how most students had been instructing utterly different students. After two weeks, I got my first job as a dealer on the Gold Hover.

You had been a casino dealer in Las Vegas – Did you skills it?

I loved my 20-minute breaks. It modified into so amazing to receives a price for 8 hours of work when that included 2 hours of smash time.

I loved the true mechanics and procedures of dealing the game.

I obtain dealing video games to be appetizing and stress-free. I loved being in a series to refer to with utterly different of us from around the globe and hearing their existence experiences.

What are about a of your accepted and least accepted issues about casino dealing?

As a Las Vegas casino employee, I loved how we got free tickets to the reveals so we may perchance presumably expose our gamers how colossal it modified into and why they wished to envision it out.

I loved how, each time it modified into a dealer’s birthday, there would be a potluck and cake within the breakroom, and it felt like a social gathering for that complete shift. Those had been my accepted issues about dealing.

My least accepted thing about dealing modified into when gamers grew to change into verbally or physically abusive.

One dealer I knew modified into punched within the face for dealing imperfect cards, and one other dealer modified into spit within the compare, and having a stalker modified into popular.

I’ve had gamers name me every title within the book, throw cards and ashtrays at me… threaten me.

I attempted to negate their own praises that sellers don’t occupy a negate within the subsequent card to approach out of the shoe. Then again, I learned that blame-transferring modified into a popular tactic when shedding.

image of a Las Vegas casino dealer placing cards on a blackjack table
Meet Heather Ferris: From Las Vegas Dealer to Online Casino Educator

Accomplish you occupy any silly or memorable tales from your time working as a Vegas casino dealer?

Every December the rodeo comes into city, bringing with it a city beefy of cowboys. I had this cowboy on my desk playing $1,000 per hand, and he modified into entirely wasted. He had a 16, hit the 16, and got a 10.

He furiously picked up that 10 card, crumpled it, ate it, after which requested for one other hit.

My jaw hit the ground. I known as over my ground man, Bill, and stated, “We want one other 10 of hearts.” 

“What attain you point out ‘we would like one other 10 of hearts’? What came about to the 10 of hearts you had?” Bill requested, stressed. 

“Effectively… this guy ate it.” 

“No he didn’t. Cease pulling my chain, can’t you peep how busy I am?” Bill stated as he started to tear away. 

“No, approach abet; compare the digicam’s in case you don’t judge me.” I known as after him. 

So Bill went to the phone and known as the cameras, and possible enough, they verified my tale. When Bill walked abet to the desk, he seemed skittish. “What must easy I attain?” I requested him. 

Bill sighed sooner than replying “Effectively, if he wishes a card so badly, give him one other card.” 

I have all americans at the desk modified into as surprised as I modified into. So I gave him one other card and he got a 5, making 21, and ended up successful.

I requested Bill later why he didn’t kick that guy out, and he stated, “Effectively, that guy has been right here for 3 days and has lost $30,000 day-after-day. So for $90,000, I have the casino can occupy enough cash to give him one hand to rating him joyful.”

What are the most though-provoking stuff you learned whereas working as a casino dealer?

I learned that I didn’t occupy to pay a complete bunch of greenbacks to head to a trade college to be taught to deal utterly different video games like roulette, baccarat, pai gow, or craps.

As long as an skilled dealer confirmed me the ropes and I practiced at dwelling, I could perchance presumably be taught any game. Dealing colleges are so extremely costly and are a colossal device for studying imperfect habits. Which of us will correct now occupy to unlearn once they launch working in a casino.  

As soon as a person has a job as a dealer, they can be taught contemporary video games on the job, whereas being paid.

These are the steps you may perchance per chance presumably additionally seize to be taught a contemporary casino game without cost. As a dealer, when tapped off the desk, as opposed to heading to your 20-minute smash, tear over to the desk game you want to be taught and ask the ground supervisor in case you may perchance per chance presumably presumably watch the dealer deal it.

Before every little thing, most though-provoking watch, ask questions, and change into familiar with the rules. Never strive to deal the game upright off the bat without intellectual what you’re doing.

The dealer will agree and open explaining the plan to play the game and strolling you by the procedures as they deal. In the event that they attain no longer attain this, it’s a long way k to ask them to.

Continue to attain this till you’re feeling joyful with the game. Ought to you’re in a position to take grasp of the subsequent step, ask the ground supervisor in case you may perchance per chance presumably additionally be shadowed on the game.

After they agree, ask the dealer who is dealing that game within the event that they can shadow you. The dealer will agree, clap out, and allow you to take grasp of over. They will have a examine over you and rating sure you deal the game effectively whereas providing you with advice, records, and guidance.

They will be in a series to expose you in case you’re ready or no longer. That you simply would be in a position to occupy to have a examine more at dwelling or work on your events tables.

Heather Ferris Vegas Aces promotional image with Las Vegas strip as backdrop
Meet Heather Ferris: From Las Vegas Dealer to Online Casino Educator

Squawk us about Vegas-Aces. The device describes it as an on-line trade college for sellers, gamers, and game inventors. How did the postulate approach about, and what motivated you to launch the firm?

The premise of Vegas Aces took device after my skills with dealing trade colleges.

I wished to give abet to my community, serving to of us by offering a free training. My belief modified into, “If a person can’t occupy enough cash to attach food on their desk, how can they occupy got the funds for to head to a trade college to rating a a lot bigger-paying job?”

It in point of fact is easy to rating trapped within the cycle of working minimum wage, combating to pay bills, and placing food on the desk. It’s approach impossible to conform, develop, and be a a lot bigger person when struggling to outlive. 

Unfortunately, running a site and YouTube channel charges cash, and after 7 years, I wished to approach up with an belief to preserve this free for all americans.

So I started my commercial, Vegas Aces Products and companies, LLC, and the cash we rating from the commercial goes in direction of defending the trade college free and readily accessible for all americans.

How attain you help gamers and folks that want to change into casino sellers?

We serve aspiring sellers in a diversity of strategies.

Every one is utterly different, and we strive to meet them the attach they’re at. If the contemporary dealer wishes to be taught within the privateness of their occupy residence, they can be taught our how-to articles on our web pages or watch our YouTube movies.

If the person has about a questions or wishes extra guidance, they can electronic mail me (at [email protected]), and I will answer their questions, or we can residing up a phone name, and I will tear them by the approach.

If the contemporary dealer appears like they want more particular person attention, we can residing up a Facetime assembly utilizing a college room constructing the attach there are classes and homework, and I will give the contemporary dealer pointers and suggestions in defending with their efficiency.

We even occupy the selection of paid top class packages by Teachable, the attach they can be taught the plan to be a casino social gathering dealer or the plan to give themselves a elevate within the event that they are already a casino dealer.

Image of a casino table with software code overlayed on top.
Meet Heather Ferris: From Las Vegas Dealer to Online Casino Educator

You furthermore mght help game inventors affect contemporary casino video games. How does that work?

After a casino game inventor emailed me, we residing up a contemporary client assembly.

This assembly will on the total final one hour, in which we are in a position to discuss the attach the inventor is within the approach, the attach they occupy got to head, and the device in which we can rating them there.

We occupy got a firm large NDA, the attach we won’t discuss a contemporary game invention unless we occupy the inventor’s permission to actively advertise.

After we rating a lay of the land, we launch to affect the casino game. This involves the game logo, felt layout, rack card, demo game, and web pages.

We tear our purchasers by the approach of constructing, refer them to mathematicians or patent lawyers who’re well-identified within the trade and who were doing this for decades, and answer any questions they may perchance per chance additionally honest occupy alongside the methodology.

As soon as the game is developed, we give our purchasers the step-by-step route of for the plan to transfer forward, whether that is placing their game on the casino ground or selling it to a large corporation on-line.

Is there the rest that you just’re engaged on upright now or future plans that you just’re ?

Vegas Aces repeatedly provides of us to our crew, providing you with more records and resources.

We are the contemporary thunder we’re making ready. We occupy got three contemporary writers on our YouTube crew, which allows us to present an everyday circulate of thunder on YouTube.

We are also engaged on contemporary flashcards and may perchance per chance occupy our 6 to 5 blackjack flashcards readily accessible within the first section of 2024.

We are at the moment going by a pile of instruction manuals and may perchance per chance occupy an everyday circulate of contemporary affords foundation in 2024.

Final but no longer least, I obliging performed inventing and developing my 4th casino game. I’m in point of fact it; on the opposite hand, I’m no longer allowed to give the final public minute print concerning the undertaking.

Heather Ferris being featured by in mobile article
Meet Heather Ferris: From Las Vegas Dealer to Online Casino Educator

Previously, you’ve worked with on the Las Vegas Look, written articles, and helped us answer player questions. When did you first stumble upon our web page? Squawk us a little bit bit about this collaboration.

I met David years within the past, and we grew to change into mates, chatting concerning the casino trade and tabletop video games.

He modified into the one who introduced me to I modified into lastly brought about as a author and contributor to OUSC, and I enjoyed collaborating on varied projects, including the 2020 Las Vegas On line casino Look.

All americans that I in actuality occupy met at OUSC device has been very supreme. The oldsters that work there are variety and supportive, and they surely care about giving their readers the most though-provoking records that you just may perchance per chance presumably additionally have faith in.

It’s been a factual partnership since day one.

How attain you suspect your thunder can help the day to day player – from inexperienced persons to veterans?

Our thunder can help rookie gamers by instructing them a diversity of casino desk video games.

It also expose gamers about casino etiquette, popular attain’s and don’ts, and tales and experiences from Las Vegas sellers.

This records may perchance per chance additionally additionally educate veterans as we discuss the condo edge and the plan to use and seize what video games to play, to boot as in-depth articles about obvious matters.

What model of thunder attain you skills growing the most?

I skills growing thunder that folks can manufacture value from. Out of the total thunder I’ve created within the past, the flashcards had been in point of fact appetizing to rating due to so many people, both gamers and sellers, got a lot out of it.

If I in actuality occupy more than one in all us asking me for an editorial explaining 6 to 5 blackjack, as an illustration, then that is the model of thunder I skills growing due to I do know of us will employ it to help them be taught a contemporary skill.

Heather Ferri's favorite games: Roulette and Pai Gow Poker
Meet Heather Ferris: From Las Vegas Dealer to Online Casino Educator

What are your accepted video games to deal or play?

My two accepted video games to deal had been Roulette and Pai-Gow Poker.

Roulette modified into stress-free due to it modified into easy to rating into a rhythm of mucking chips, snapping the ball, paying the wager, rinse and repeat.

I enjoyed doing the arithmetic and pushing stacks of 20 chips to the gamers.

I enjoyed dealing Pai-Gow Poker due to I loved that I got to sit down down whereas I dealt. I also cherished the tempo of the game; advantageous and gradual.

I enjoyed growing high and low fingers utilizing the condo rules.

What game attain you pause sure of? Why?

I pause sure of slot machines. The one-armed bandits of the casino world.

Some machines occupy a a lot bigger condo edge than most desk video games and if I sit down at a slot machine and I don’t understand what goes on or the plan to take grasp of, I won’t play.

Some video games are purposely advanced when it comes to traces, wins, losses, bonuses, or jackpots.

As an instance, some slot machines will change you cash to aspects, so in case you seize, and the bells are ringing, and you peep a obliging animation that reveals you won all these aspects, most gamers don’t understand that, yes they won $4, on the opposite hand, they bet $6, for a $2 loss.

I have like I in actuality occupy more abet a watch on over my hand after I play desk video games, when put next with slots, the attach I obliging press a button and pray.

Are there any particular game genres or codecs that you just suspect will salvage reputation within the approach future?

I predict of us will peep more game enhancements on-line versus on the casino ground.

It is miles so extremely refined to rating a contemporary game onto the casino ground. If I look into my crystal ball, I peep an on-line game gaining reputation to the point of being placed in a land-primarily based fully mostly casino.

Also, land-primarily based fully mostly casinos occupy to attain one thing to entice the younger generations to talk over with them. To boot to, I judge you will peep more selfie stations in casinos the attach of us can seize a selfie on a designated blackjack desk or a vibrant and superbly lit background.

By offering more experiences, casinos will scheme younger of us in, and they may perchance per chance additionally honest pause by a blackjack desk to take grasp of a survey at a hand or two.

For those having a survey to launch their occupy ventures within the casino or gaming trade, what advice would you give them in defending with your entrepreneurial hasten with Vegas Aces?

My advice would be to preserve going. Judge of this undertaking as a marathon, no longer a transient speed.

It takes time, dedication, and the exertions of a crew of of us to rating thunder and save it out into the world.

Sooner than you launch this hasten, obtain your North Megastar. Why are you doing this? Shining this may perchance per chance help abet you going.

My North Megastar is, “if Vegas Aces can positively affect as a minimum 1 person, giving them a a lot bigger existence, then it modified into value it.”

In hindsight, we ended up serving to a lot bigger than one person.

Heather OUSC Articles Image
Meet Heather Ferris: From Las Vegas Dealer to Online Casino Educator

What can’s readers watch for discovering on your articles?

We present a factual amount of info for gamers and sellers, including academic thunder that teaches of us about obvious tabletop video games, casino etiquette, condo edge, and more.

Readers will obtain pointers and suggestions for their accepted casino video games and in-depth diagnosis on matters comparable to chance.

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